Clerical Error Leads to Open Casket of Wrong George Bush

Mourners at the Capitol Rotunda in Washington to honor former President George H.W. Bush today were greeted by a confused George W. Bush inside the fag-draped casket intended for his father at the solemn occasion of the official viewing of the 41st U.S. president’s body.

Marine guards surrounding the coffin reportedly heard muffled knocks and cries of “What’s going on?” and “Get me out of here!” from inside the coffin as it was carried from the motorcade to the rotunda early this morning.

Former President Bush then sat up in the coffin and cordially greeted and joked with throngs who came to pay their respects. “I’m not my dad, see.” he said with a chuckle. “I’m the alive one.”

Officials at the Government Agency responsible for coordinating the details of U.S. state funerals have not yet traced the clerical error that lead to the mishap. According to Spokesperson Susan McClaren, “There is some question as to where George H. W. Bush’s body has gone. We are asking citizens to alert us if they have seen it on the highway between Reagan Airport and the Capitol building.” She went on to explain that there are many details to coordinate at a state funeral, including hundreds of flowers, military personable, road closures, garden hose deployment, exotic cheese sculptures, and ornately costumed owls.