Can Democrats Reconnect with Blue-Collar White Supremacists?

Still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss last November, Democrats are beginning to develop strategies the party can use to win back the working class white supremacists who proved crucial to Donald Trump’s come-from-behind victory.

In key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, exit polls showed blue collar neo-Nazis were turned off by the party’s liberal stances on issues like gun control, climate change, and the mixing of races.

Interviews with top Democratic operatives reveal a growing consensus that if the party hopes to build a winning coalition in 2020, they will need to reconnect with the hard-working Americans who grow our crops, manufacture our cars, and vandalize our synagogues. That effort must start with finding a candidate who can appeal to the everyday, salt-of-the earth bigots who once comprised a core part of the Democratic base.

“We can’t afford to run any more of these hybrid-driving, latte-sipping, limousine liberals,” said one high-ranking DNC official who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We need a candidate you can sit down and have a beer with, and talk about the shared dream of an all-white ethno state—a nominee who supports our right to bear arms, and stockpile them for the coming race war.”

In their search for answers, the Democratic National Committee recently commissioned a series of focus groups to determine how the party can begin to rebuild. The results, officials say, were a harsh wake-up call.

In Indiana, white separatists age 18 to 45 argued that big-city elites like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama just can’t relate to your average Joe Swastika. Respondents in this group repeatedly painted Democrats as out of touch with the common man’s desire to lynch blacks who look at white women the wrong way. Said one focus group participant, “I bet most Democrats in DC wouldn’t even know how to tie one to a tree.”

In North Carolina, skinheads with less than a college education described a party that’s become so consumed with identity politics and political correctness that it’s been blind to the imminent white genocide brought on by the black and brown swarm that’s overrun our borders in recent decades.

For many white supremacists, Clinton’s reputation as an elitist and traitor to her race was cemented by her refusal to attend even a single cross burning during her campaign for president. “Hillary missed an opportunity to reach out and say to these voters, ‘what unites us—the inherent genetic superiority of our European ancestry—is far greater than what divides us,’” said Cyrus Hale, Editor of The Confederate Nationalist and former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. “I think that was a tactical error on her part.”

Democratic strategist James “Mudcat” McGill believes that the key to winning back this battleground skin tone is focusing less on race and more on bread-and-butter economic issues. “Yes, they hate blacks and Jews, but they also hate the rising cost of prescription drugs. They worry about the mongrelization of the white race, sure, but they also worry about clean water.”

Others argue that the Democratic Party simply needs to remind voters of their own deeply racist history as the party of slavery and Jim Crow, and do more to capitalize on the GOP’s origins as the party of Abraham Lincoln, a big-government liberal who freed the slaves and granted them special rights.

One thing all sides seem to agree on is that the Democratic Party can no longer afford to cede this crucial demographic to Republicans if they want to take back the White House.

“Before you condemn these people,” said McGill, “remember that under that white hood is a potential Democrat voter.”

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