QB: ‘Triumphant Rape Was Team Effort’

Displaying the kind of modesty Fightin’ Tigers fans have come to expect from the star fifth-year senior, University of Texas quarterback Cody Prescott told campus police Monday that he couldn’t take all the credit for the sexual assault that allegedly took place at the Pi Kappa Phi house late Saturday night. “This was a real team effort. Our guys showed a lot of heart and gave 110%. And I just can’t say enough about that dominant physical performance from my offensive line,” said Prescott in a deposition about the alleged gang rape, adding that although the victim, who is not being identified, put up a hell of a fight, he and his fellow Tigers just wanted it more. “I also want to thank God for giving me this opportunity. Without Him, none of this would have been possible.” Although seven other Tigers players have been interviewed about their involvement in Saturday’s incident, campus authorities confirmed they will not press charges.

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