Bitcoin Weakens Against the Smurfberry

After several days of robust trading, Bitcoin took a tumble today against the Smurfberry as the cybercurrency continued to face ongoing technical challenges.

The digital currency’s price fell to as little as 546.45 Smurfberries by 21:00 CT (Central Time), CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) data shows. The Federal Smurf Reserve has not commented on whether this will lead to an over-evaluation of the Smurfberry

After moving within a reasonably tight range since the start of the trading on Monday, Bitcoin’s price experienced a notable increase in volatility during today’s session, falling through the crucial 700 Smurfberry level, which Smurf analysts consider an indication of a strong economy, at 19:00 CT.

The lack of major financial data from the Smurf village today could keep the attention fixed on the latest developments in the self-sustained co-op community. If the Smurf economy continues to stay this strong, Bitcoin is predicted to drop by as much as 5 percent during tomorrow’s trading.

“Generally speaking when you have an over-evaluation of the Smurfberry, which is certainly the case here, it means more Smurfberries for me,” said Greedy Smurf.

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