President Introduces New Ant Farm

Today President Trump welcomed the White House press corps to view his educational ant farm in an informal Rose Garden ceremony. “Ant farms are special,” the president said. “They allow me to watch and learn about all kinds of ants like big ants, small ants, even baby ants. Really special.” He introduced the small plastic kit during the official ribbon cutting ceremony, explaining that he had spent his Tuesday putting the interlocking pieces together and carefully depositing the ants inside. “Do you have time to hear some ant facts?” he said. “I have memorized over 50 ant facts about various ants, all very special and important, and can recite them by heart for you if you’d like.” According to Whitehouse staff, the president has canceled a planned European Council meeting this week to sit alone in the gallery room and quietly name his ants. The kit arrived at the Whitehouse Tuesday morning containing one tube of live harvester ants, the 9” x 6″ ant farm, clean tunneling sand, 24-inch clear connecting tube, tunnel starter tool, water feeder, and illustrated Ant Watcher’s Guide.